Detailing Services

Exterior Detail
  • Wheel Wells, Tires, Whitewalls, Hubcaps, and most importantly Rims
  • Removal of Tar, Grease, Roadfilm, Bugs, Droppings, Sap from Paint Surface
  • Removal of Fine Scratches and Oxidation through our 3 Step Process:
    1. Polish & Condition application and removal by hand and high speed buffer (brings back lustre & shine)
    2. Wax application and removal by hand and high speed buffer (protects & maintains polish)
    3. Sealant Finisher application and removal by hand and high speed buffer (prevents the passage of harmful liquids and pollution)
  • Clean, Polish and Wax all Chrome and Metal surfaces
  • Clean, Condition and Shine all Vinyl and Rubber surfaces
  • Polish and Clean all exterior Windows
Approx. 3 hours
Sanazair - Air Neutralizer
  • For Removal of Dreadful Odours
  • Cigarette Smoke, Gas Milk, Random Spillage, Animal Odour
  • Perfect for the Elimination of Musty Odours Caused by Condensation
  • This Modern Machine works with the O-zones to Remove Foul Smells from your Vehicle
  • INTERIOR DETAIL recommended for this service
Approx. 4 hours
Interior Detail
  • Door Jams, Trunk Jams, and Weather Stripping is cleaned and then Dressed
  • Vacuum entire Interior, including the Trunk
  • Deep Clean Cleansing and extraction of all Major Stains on Fabrics
  • Shampoo of all Seats, Carpets and Mats
  • Clean entire Dashboard, Console, Instructions, Vents, Radio including the Trunk and Doors even Seat belt Straps
  • Cleaning surface Dirt, Grime, Markings on Vinyl Leather and Plastic surfaces
  • Clean, Polish all Chrome & Metal
  • Polish and Clean all interior and exterior Windows and Mirrors
  • Application of deodorizers for fresh and clean smell
Approx. 3 hours
Fabric Protection Carpets & Seats
  • Long lasting protection ensuring the sustainability of your Carpets & Seats
Approx. 1 hours
Floor Shampoo
  • The area is Entirely Vacuumed an Shampooed
  • Deep Clean Cleansing and Extraction of all Major Stains
Mats included - Approx. 1 hour
Leather Conditioning
  • Application and removal done by hand
  • Ensures Long-lasting Life for Leather Seats
  • This Procedure Cleanses, Softens, Strengthens and Shine the Leather Surface
Approx. 1 hour
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